IT Service 24x7 is a qualified computer networking and IT management services partner. We specialize in network and computer repair, installation and support. Your small business will realize expert cost-effective technology and network support at a flat monthly rate.

IT Service 24x7 offers a full solution to your company´s network problems, at a very cost-effective price. We take care of everything you need to have a high performing business infrastructure. Don´t suffer a lost of productivity from hardware and software problems. We can advise you on the issues, provide proper maintenance and manage updates and Expert computer repair and service is a phone call or email away.

IT Service 24x7 can minimize the complex technology that small businesses face, and our clients benefit from our hardware and software partner relationships, and our combined expertise.

Field service, on site, remote monitoring, IT Service 24x7 specializes in network and computer repair, installation and support. We can help your small business handle your end user problems quickly and efficiently. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to new or existing networks, file servers, PCs and notebooks, routers and firewalls, printers and all manner of application software.

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- Over 70 years combined experience